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The Franchise Company have a great team of experienced BFA Affiliated franchise consultants who have been providing sound and effective franchise advice since 1991. We have been working to British Franchise Association best practice for over 20 years. And as our clients will tell you, its the best way to ensure long term success in franchising.

If you are thinking about franchising your business or you need advice with managing your existing franchise business more profitably, call us now. The Franchise Company can also help with franchise recruitment and franchise operating manuals. Contact us now to arrange a free initial franchise consultation.

Our franchise development support is broken down into four easy to work through stages.

Stage One - Develop the franchise system. We will use our expertise and knowledge of franchising to develop a sound and commercially attractive franchise system for you that will give you and your future franchisees the best possible chance of success.

Stage Two - Produce the franchise documentation (agreements, prospectus, operations manual, recruitment tools and process). These documents are produced for you to market and protect your future franchise system in the best possible way. We DO NOT simply give you a pile of template documents for you to rework.

Stage Three - Recruit the first or pilot franchisees. We can support you through this process to help you get off to a flying start.

Stage Four - Start to accelerate the role out once the pilots are up and running successfully. We can provide ongoing recruitment support here if required.

Our team of franchise consultants can also help businesses that want to expand overseas via an international franchise network and can advise individuals who are looking to purchase a Master Franchise to develop in the UK.

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For all your franchise queries please call 01325 251455 or 0207 0001018. You can also complete the quick contact form on the right or email info@franchisecompany.co.uk.

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