What We Do

What we do is to help businesses expand by franchising. We show you how to franchise your business and give a qualified answer to the question “Is franchising the best way to expand?”. As franchise consultants don’t just produce lengthy reports telling you what to do and how to do it. Our focus is on clear, concise and practical advice that is based on real work experience. That’s why we form so many long term relationships, because we get actively involved and help you implement a well developed franchise strategy. We roll up our sleeves up, get our hands dirty and help you learn how to franchise your business.

Getting the right advice to expand your brand is so critical and our experience of working with different business sectors means you get the benefits of over 80 years of inhouse experience. Our franchise consultancy has helped businesses within every sector of the UK economy (well almost!). That’s why we are so sought after both in the UK and abroad, having completed projects around the globe. But the great news is, we love working with businesses of all sizes!

Irrespective of your current situation or experience of franchising, we’ll help and advise in all aspects of franchise development. We’ll customise our services to your individual requirements, current situation and objectives. Broadly, our range of services for new franchisors covers:

  • Franchise feasibility studies
  • Franchise package development
  • Developing business plans and financial models
  • Producing franchise agreements
  • Producing franchise operating manuals
  • Franchisee profiling
  • Developing franchisee training and support programmes
  • Trade mark registration
  • Franchisee recruitment
  • Franchise territory analysis
  • Setting up and running pilot operations
  • Franchise network management
  • International franchising

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