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In franchising there’s no real substitute for experience. You can read all of the theory and learn about the experiences of successful franchisors until the cows come home. The fact is that every business is unique in its character, structure, modus operandi, ethos, target markets, and so on. And the aims and objectives of the people heading up each business are completely unique too.

So the franchise system or franchise strategy that works for one particular business may not work for another. How one franchisor goes about recruiting high quality franchisees won’t be right for all franchisors. The best way to motivate and get optimum performance from franchisees in one franchise network will be totally different to others.

You can’t learn this from a text book or by asking other franchisors about their experiences. The only way for franchisors to ensure they get these elements right for their specific business is through experience!

Now, whilst we don’t claim to have an intimate understanding of every franchise system, we do have franchising experience by the bucket load – over 100 years of combined hands-on experience, in fact! We’ve been franchisees and franchisors and, as franchise consultants we’ve helped literally hundreds of businesses become successful franchise operations.

So, whether you’re an established franchisor or are relatively new franchise business and are looking to improve in any particular way, we can help in any of the following areas:

  • Increasing numbers and quality of franchisee enquiries
  • Improving conversion of franchisee enquiries into franchise sales
  • Improving performance of individual franchisees and franchise network overall
  • Maximising fee income from your franchise network
  • Improving quality of franchisee training
  • Improving communication with franchisees
  • Training your franchise management staff in key franchising skills
  • Upgrading your franchise operating manual
  • Upgrading your franchise package

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