Franchisee Recruitment

Franchisee recruitment is an area where many franchisors come unstuck. Recruiting high quality franchisees in the right numbers can be challenging for inexperienced or unskilled franchisors, especially in sectors which are well served with franchise opportunities (e.g. food, cleaning, children’s activities, etc.).

We’ve been helping franchisors recruit franchisees in every conceivable business sector for over 20 years now and can honestly say that we’ve been there, done that and got the T shirt!

Our franchisee recruitment methods and systems meet the ethical criteria set out by the British Franchise Association, of which we’ve been members since 1993.

Our franchisee recruitment services include:

  • Developing structured recruitment systems and procedures
  • Producing appropriate forms and documentation
  • Developing a detailed franchisee profile
  • Developing and implementing a franchise marketing plan
  • Producing franchise marketing materials (franchise sales brochure, recruitment advertisements, exhibition stand design, social media plan, etc.)
  • Handling and screening franchise enquiries
  • Interviewing prospective franchisees
  • Providing ongoing information to candidates and guiding them through decision-making
  • Helping candidates produce a business plan and raise finance

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