Improving Network Performance

How to maximise revenue from franchise operations is a vital issue for all franchisors – especially so if franchisees operate in ‘exclusive’ territories. But franchisees can underperform for all sorts of reasons and it’s essential that franchisors establish the reasons and fix them as soon as possible.

We understand the day-to-day issues franchisors have to deal with that can get in the way of focusing on ‘under performance’. We can help you with improving network performance and the ‘sensitive’ issues that need to be addressed, for instance…

Which of your franchisees are demotivated and why?

  • How’s your relationship with them?
  • Do you communicate effectively with them?
  • Do they have a business plan and are they following it?
  • Are they doing enough of the right kind of marketing?
  • Have they become complaisant?
  • Are they ready to retire?
  • Are they compliant with your system?
  • Would you still recruit them if they applied now?

Even franchisees that are doing OK could almost certainly do better. With some skilful and well-directed input from you, most franchisees can be fired up and re-energised to improve their performance.

To find out more about how we can help you increase the performance of your franchise network and maximise your fee income download our free guide called How to Improve Franchise Network Performance.

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