Free Franchise Seminars

Would-be franchisors need a lot of questions answering before they commit to franchising their business. We run regular introductory free franchise seminars in London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham to help answer these questions. Topics covered include:

  • Overview of the UK franchising sector
  • What franchising is and isn’t.
  • Can your business be franchised?
  • Is it your best strategic option?
  • Potential benefits and pitfalls
  • The ‘franchise package’
  • Potential income streams for franchisors (franchise fees)
  • How should franchise territories be defined?
  • Legal aspects/the franchise agreement
  • Recruiting franchisees
  • British Franchise Association membership

If you want a broad answer to the question “can I franchise my business?” this is an excellent forum.

To express your interest in attending our free franchise seminars, complete your details below and we’ll send you the dates and locations of our next events.

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