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Partnership with Embryo Digital.

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 July 2019 3:11 pm

The Franchise Company is delighted to announce our partnership with Embryo Digital, a
Manchester-based digital marketing agency specialising in website design and development,
search engine optimisation, paid search, social media marketing and content marketing.
Franchising is a brilliant way to help expand your business and grow the reach and scale of
your organisation. At The Franchise Company, we are passionate about helping new and
existing franchisors reach their full potential. Developing your brand and marketing your
business to customers and potential franchisees in the online world is a big part of that – and
the big challenge is that it’s one that is constantly evolving and changing. To do this well
there’s a real need to develop the brand of the business in line with the service offer and the
franchise recruitment campaign – these three facets MUST work together and it needs
technical skill, effective planning and ongoing campaign management to do this.

As a result, many franchised businesses struggle with creating an online presence that really
makes a difference, and while at The Franchise Company, our consultants can help you with
the documentation and planning you need to get your newly franchised business off the
ground or provide support with training and skills development for staff and franchisees we
can’t help you to make your website perform effectively or get your business to the top of
Google. This is where Embryo Digital comes in.

We’ve been working closely with Embryo digital and a number of our existing clients and
they’ve developed a real understanding of the needs of a franchised business both in
relation to service promotion and franchise recruitment. Their marketing campaigns can help
your company raise its profile online as you begin your journey into becoming a franchised
business and they can provide digital marketing support as part of your franchise recruitment

You may need a new website to keep up with your business as your franchise network
grows or if you want to find a way to get over your competitors and onto the first page of
Google results and target potential franchisees when they search for opportunities they’ve
got real expertise in these areas. If your online presence has dropped then you may need
some fresh eyes and ideas to help with a bit of a marketing overhaul and find new ways to
engage your social media followers.

Embryo Digital are specialists at working with franchised and franchising businesses, and
understand the unique challenges a franchised business faces when marketing themselves
online. We’re happy to refer any of our clients who want to improve their marketing strategy
to Embryo Digital and help them create a strong digital footprint for their business.
So if you’re franchise network is underperforming or your franchise recruitment activity isn’t
giving you the results that you want and you’d like an expert review of your digital marketing
activity or you’d like to discuss any elements of your current franchise offer then contact The
Franchise Company and Embryo Digital, and see how together we can offer a full franchise
and marketing service to your business.

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