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Summer Planning for Franchising

Posted on: Friday, 5 August 2016 12:41 pm

If like many businesses you're looking at franchising, its worth planning over the summer. Here's what you should be doing to prepare for franchising:

Trademarks - Registering your trademark for your franchise can be critical, so why not check if you have registered it. And if not, contact a trademark solicitor. Remember, the trademark has huge value so it makes sense to register it.

Documenting your systems - Its always something you planned to so, but never get round to it. Documenting your systems and procedures makes business sense. If its all in your head or the head of an employee, how will you communicate this knowledge? So get documenting!

Researching - are you taking the time to research what franchising is all about? If not, why not? Research can give you the knowledge you need to succeed, so find out what franchising entails, who is doing it and how you can do it better. Its that easy!

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