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Franchise Services & Documents

A Comprehensive Price List of our Franchise Services & Documents

Our Franchise Services

If you want to franchise but don’t require a complete franchise development service, then you can choose which elements of the work you want us to do from the service list below. 

We also provide a range of franchise documents that you can use as the starting point to develop your own franchise documentation yourself if you wish to do so.

Franchise Review
Franchisor Operating Manual
Franchise Modelling Framework
Market Research & Franchise Competitor Analysis
Franchise Financial Modelling

Franchise Review

An Initial one day assessment of the suitability of your business for franchising:

  • £950 excluding VAT

Franchisor Operating Manual

Top tips and guidelines when franchising a business:

  • £450 excluding VAT

Franchise Modelling Framework

How to structure your business operationally to maximise your chance of commercial success in franchising:

  • £2,400 excluding VAT

Market Research & Franchise Competitor Analysis

  • £800 excluding VAT

Franchise Financial Modelling

Including the production of a complete financial model for new franchisees and the development of the initial and ongoing fees:

  • £2,800 excluding VAT

As part of each service, we carry out an initial consultative zoom meeting and also a post completion review.

Franchise Documentation

These documents can be provided as interactive Word Documents that you can add/amend/develop as required. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Franchisor Operating Manual

Top tips and guidelines when franchising a business:


Franchise Pre-Start Manual

What a new franchisee needs to do before they start the business re operational and legislative requirements:


Franchise Manual

Designed to be used by the Franchisee and covering all of the management aspects of running a franchise:


Franchise Operations Manual

Designed to be used by staff within the business on a day-to-day basis:


Franchise Prospectus (Draft)

A branded document to promote your opportunity:


Franchise Agreement Heads of Terms

Document (to be used by a lawyer to produce your franchise agreement):


Franchise Recruitment Process and Documentation

Including a recruitment flow chart, Franchisee Questionnaire, Franchisee NDA, Franchisee Formal Offer Letter, Franchisee Evaluation Tool and Franchise Recruitment Spreadsheet:


Franchise Recruitment Plan

Including costed recommendations for franchise recruitment activity in line with your Franchisee Avatar/profile:


  • All of the documents come in a comprehensive pre-formatted template that can then be adapted to make the necessary amendments to ensure it reflects their business.
  • As part of the service, we provide each document with an initial zoom meeting re how to use the document and also a post completion review. This means that once you’ve completed the document, we will review and provide feedback. 

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