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Franchise Training

Franchise training is a brilliant solution for a wide variety of different franchised organisations, and can help solve many issues for franchise networks.


Creating an effective franchise starts with having a good knowledge base and understanding of how you want to run your business.

There are plenty of training schemes out there to help give employees of a company the business training and the skills they need to progress, however in a franchise model, a lot of the knowledge isn’t always applicable, and some important skills may easily be missed.

At The Franchise Company, we offer training to help franchisors and franchisees improve their skills and give them the resources they need to work effectively within a franchise model.

Our Franchise Training Experience

The Franchise Company has a strong national reputation for helping franchisors and franchisees alike make the most of their business opportunities within a franchise model.

With nearly 30 years of experience helping to create successful franchise models that set our customers up for the best chance at success in a franchise model, we now offer training to franchised businesses of all sizes, to share our expertise and give your franchisors and franchisees the confidence and independence they need to work effectively, harmoniously and profitably within your franchise model.

We are passionate about creating high-quality training programmes that offer delegates memorable sessions the deliver vital skills and help to improve the confidence of team members at every level of the franchised business. Our team are always working to ensure that our programmes genuinely make a difference in how effective your franchise network is, and that you see significant returns on the time and money invested in training and upskilling with The Franchise Company.

Our experience in franchise modelling and consultancy means that we have first hand experience in creating environments for franchised businesses to thrive. We provide a first class training experience that will challenge and engage your team to help give them vital additional skills and the confidence they need to utilise them in a professional and safe environment.

Our tailored training programmes will challenge and engage your team

Why Do You Need Franchise Training?

Franchise training is a brilliant solution for a wide variety of different franchised organisations, and can help solve many issues for franchise networks.

Franchise training can be positive for both franchisors and franchisees. By improving their skills, franchisors can be better placed to support their franchise network and give franchisees the insight to improve their individual businesses. Training for franchisees gives them more confidence in their business skills and can help them to improve operations, strategies and profits in their own franchise units. Training and boosting the skills within the franchise network is good for both franchisors and franchisees, and can help your team maximise profits across the organisation.

Training for established franchises
Training for franchises of all sizes

Training for established franchises

We offer our franchise training to established franchises to help give their presence, team and skills a boost and help move them to the next stage in the franchise development and growth process.

We can also help new franchisors and franchisees to get their business off the ground as soon and as successfully as possible, giving them a strong starting point for their franchised business. We can assist with training during the initial pilot process for franchisees, to ensure the pilot franchisees have the relevant skills to ensure the success of the network. In this phase of the franchise development journey, a strong, highly skilled network that has the confidence and independence to suggest positive changes and contribute to the overall business is vital to creating success as the network expands.

Training for franchises of all sizes

Whether the franchise network is a smaller, national or a part of a large, multinational business, franchise training can breathe new life into all parts of the business.

We can help give individual franchisors support and training to implement new schemes, processes and standards in the business, as well as helping to upskill franchisees, giving them more independence and confidence in their business acumen and a deeper understanding of the strengths and limitations of the franchise model. We can also give teams in larger organisations who work with the franchise network the training they need to understand how best to manage a network in their franchise model.

Training can also help successful franchisees take their individual franchise units to the next level, increasing profits and commerciality for them and the franchisor. The boost of confidence training can give your franchisees can help them increase their profits and maximise potential for both of you. For franchisees who may be struggling, training can help get them back on the right track and prevent them needing assistance or relief in the future. This can help ensure that performance across the network is elevated and that all of your franchisees are self-sufficient and working effectively.

Franchise Training With The Franchise Company

At The Franchise Company, we can offer a wide variety of different options to help improve your business wherever you need it the most. We see many different franchises across industries looking to improve their performance, whether it’s to save a struggling unit or to take your best-performing team to the next level.

We create bespoke training plans for all of our clients to help them get the most out of the service we offer. Before we offer your team training, we’ll carry out an analysis of the franchise network, to better understand your needs and areas for improvement within the business. We’ll take note of specific areas of opportunity and weakness to tailor our services perfectly to you and the needs of the business and the team. We can then adapt our training materials and programmes to fit with this and give your team the best possible outcomes and value from the service.

The Franchise Company can offer a massive variety of training courses, sessions and materials based on the needs of your organisation. We’re flexible in how we work to help your business make the most of our materials. The majority of our training programmes can be delivered in an intensive two hour taster course, a more relaxed half day or in-depth full day of delivery, depending on a variety of factors, including the number of participants and how in-depth and interactive the course content needs to be.

We offer training in several different fields relevant to the franchised business:

Presenter & Presentation Skills

To help you improve your professional presentation and improve your pitches to new business.

Sales & Business Development

This encompasses a wide variety of different skills, including managing client relationships; leveraging social media for your business; creating and leveraging business development strategies; networking and negotiating; creating a strong personal brand; communicating effectively by telephone and face-to-face; upselling and cross-selling; sales growth and building commercial value.

People Development

Leadership & Management - this includes skills such as developing an effective coaching culture, embracing change management culture, planning for success and creating and managing high performing teams.


Teaching you how to create effective marketing strategies, utilise social media to increase sales, understand the customer experience and create marketing that works in your sales funnel and marketing internationally, among other topics.

We offer several shorter sessions which are generally carried out over the space of two hours as part of our Business At Breakfast and Lunch & Learn schemes. These sessions can be delivered as a short presentation or over a half day as fits your needs. We can also offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring for certain topics and areas - contact us today to see if this is an option that is suitable for you. 

We like to work with small groups to start with (usually up to 10 franchisees), to give you the best value for money and ROI, as franchisees can communicate the skills they gain with The Franchise Company’s training programmes within the network and to other franchisees.

The Franchise Company Training Circle represents the core elements of our training programmes - Supporting, developing, growing successful sustainable franchises.

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