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Marketing & Recruitment

How you market your franchise is critical to you achieving your goals. Each franchise is different, and requires a comprehensive marketing strategy that takes into account the franchise model, the franchisee profile and of course the level of investment required.

What is Franchise Marketing?

Marketing is a universal requirement of every business, but when it comes to franchises, there are a handful of extra tasks needed to market effectively.

This includes:

Selling the Services of the Business

Universal to every business, a franchise must market its core services and products across a range of channels

Promoting the Franchise Opportunity

In order to build their network, a franchise needs to market their opportunity to recruit new franchisees

Marketing the Network's Services

Franchises need a solid marketing strategy to give franchisees the confidence they will generate revenue

Building the Franchise Brand

For franchises, brand recognition is incredibly important, for both its perception and overall reputation

Typically, businesses will move into franchising with a good basis for marketing their product or service; after all it's how they led their business into a model that they believe can be replicated effectively through franchising.

But the additional tasks of franchise marketing require expertise to executve effectively, and typically require franchises to look at their business on a more national (or international) level to succeed.

Franchises have a real challenge when it comes to marketing. They not only need to sell their core services and products, but also that of their networks, and the opportunity itself.

An Introduction to Franchise Recruitment

What Does an Effective Franchise Website Look Like?

Controlling your Franchise Brand

Marketing & Recruitment FAQs

Who can help with marketing and recruitment for franchises?

Outward Digital have worked with The Franchise Company and their clients for over a decade to deliver quality digital solutions such as bespoke websites, software, interactive prospectuses and more for franchises.

Over that time, they've gained a solid understanding of what's needed to build a successful franchise online. That includes services such as:

  • Bespoke website design and development
  • Software and custom franchise systems development - to automate tasks and gain oversight of the network
  • Digital Franchise Prospectus design including interactive Prospectuses
  • Franchise recruitment campaigns utilising websites, paid advertising, e-mail marketing and text message marketing
  • Branding services - acting as an outsourced designer to provide head office approved branding for franchisees
  • And much more!

If you'd like to learn more about marketing services for franchises, visit the Outward Digital website. 

How much can I expect to pay for a franchise-focused website?

How much should I budget for franchise recruitment?

Is there any software or tools available for franchise recruitment?

This page was written by:

James Dobson

James specialises in helping franchises to be more efficient, streamlined and profitable by developing bespoke websites and applications through his company Outward Digital.

Further, he understands the importance of creating quality branding and effective digital marketing for building successful franchises, and offers this service to clients.

He also developed FranchiseBase, a platform for both new and established franchises to communicate and recruit more effectively.

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