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Digital Marketing in Franchising

Digital Marketing in Franchising

Date Added: 4 October 2015 5:00 pm

If you use Google Adwords, then you'll know that digital marketing can be quite useful tool in generating business and franchise awareness. Using Adwords can also be a good tool in recruiting franchisees, and a good Adwords campaign can save money by offering a accurate method of direct digital marketing.

What do look out for:

Plan your recruitment budget. Understand how much you want to spend and then stick to it. Remember, every new franchisee will add additional funds, but dont be too tempted to spend it

Dont lay all your eggs in one basket! Remember, potential franchisees will be looking online and offline for their perfect franchise. Use ofline marketing to support your online marketing

Integrate your marketing so that the move from online and offline is seamless. There is no point in having two messages in two different channels. Potential franchisees need to understand what your franchise is about and this message needs constant reinforcement

Review your activities on a regular basis. If it doesnt work, then move on!

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