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Franchising Throughout the EU

Franchising Throughout the EU

Date Added: 2 December 2015 10:11 am

Franchising in Europe is on track for continuing positive growth. Though most franchises operating in Europe are of European origin, many US companies plan to expand and operate franchise units in the EU in the near future.

EU Stats:

The franchise industry is booming in the UK, with franchising accounting for â¤13.7 billion annually in sales.

48 percent of the US-based franchisors operating in the EU rate the UK as the best region for expansion, with Germany and France also offering good prospects for franchise expansion.

Of the franchised brands developed and operating in the EU, about 80 percent originated in domestic EU countries.

The European Franchise Federation estimates that there are 8,500 distinct franchise brands operating in the EU compared to about 2,500 US brands.

Nearly one-third of US franchisors consider the future potential for expansion into the EU as "outstanding. According to research by the William Rosenberg International Center of Franchising at the University of New Hampshire, 66 percent of US franchisors currently not operating in Europe plan to expand into the EU market.

Western Europe leads the EU in retail sales and surpasses North America. Retail revenues in EU have surpassed more than $1 trillion US this decade.

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