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Free Covid 19 Advice for Franchisor’s

Free Covid 19 Advice for Franchisor’s

Date Added: 1 July 2020 1:23 pm

Free COVID-19 Advice for Franchisor’s


The Franchise Company has been operating successfully for over 25 years providing support and advice to Franchisors in the UK and overseas. The consultants are undoubtedly amongst the most experienced in the UK.

To help the franchising sector through the current Corona virus difficulties The Franchise Company is offering free 1 to 1 advisory sessions via telephone – zoom – skype. Your free advice session can be booked in advance with the main topics for discussion notified to us please in advance.

As we know Covid 19 has wreaked havoc throughout business and commerce on a world wide scale not experienced before and ‘fingers crossed’ as we appear to be coming toward the start of a new normal trading style for most business the impact that will have on franchisees going forward is likely to be profound.

Situations that franchisors have not encountered before and are not covered by the franchise agreement or the operating manual are almost certain to arise, or might already have done so, and so having someone experienced and available to talk through those situations with you will be beneficial. Of course, everything discussed will be treated as confidential.

Over the years, and with the help of the BFA, franchising has developed into a successful industry based around the ‘Tried & Tested’ principle of operating a business. Franchisees have the benefit of the franchisor’s Know How and experience. The phrase ‘in business for yourself not by yourself’ was often used a few years ago and summed up one of the main benefits franchising offered to franchisees because they could go to their franchisor with any questions or problems they might have with their day to day operation. The Franchise Company is offering a similar benefit to franchisors, especially new ones, who want to talk to someone who understands franchising in great depth, especially the ‘spirit’ of the relationship between franchisor and franchisee.

We’re here to listen and help – in confidence.

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