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The Franchise Company website has been completely redesigned to provide the ultimate resources for both aspiring and established franchisors
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The Franchise Company website has been completely re-developed to incorporate new interactive features such as free membership as well as a brand new design.

In this article we take a dive into the features and tools that allow both new and established franchisors to get more information, guidance on support with their franchise journey.


Any modern website should incorporate features that allow their visitors and community to engage with their brand and content.

The Franchise Company website has always been a rich resource for franchising content, whether for business owners considering whether franchising is right for their business, or for established franchises on subjects such as international franchising, recruitment and operations manuals.

We devised a free membership based platform that allows users a number of tools to help them:

  • Bookmarking content for future reference - down to the individual sections and headings of guide pages
  • Saving First Friday videos that they've enjoyed, as well as the ones they're planning to watch later
  • A Q&A board, that allows anyone interested in franchising to pose questions to The Franchise Company team of specialists

All of these features go towards further developing a community for The Franchise Company and giving their clients the tools to make more informed decisions on their franchise journey.

If you haven't yet created your Franchise Company account, there's really no reason not to - it's free, quick to register and also helps you keep up to date with the latest developments including First Friday events and more.

Franchising Guides

The Franchise Your Business section of the website forms the core of the content for the website.

In the past, navigating some of the larger articles could be difficult - particularly when looking at over 10,000 words of content!

To make this easier and more digestible, we've added on-page menus and navigation that makes finding the content that matters much easier.

Combine this with the new bookmarking tool for guides, you'll have the tools available to build up your franchising knowledge.

Finally, we've also added a selection of brand new guides, including Franchise Marketing, Mentoring and Software for Franchises.

First Friday

Since First Friday events launched in 2020, they've become a regular fixture to hear from specialists of the franchising industry, Q&A sessions and networking.

With the new Franchise Company website, we've categorised all previous First Friday events to give you a wealth of information and insights grouped by topic, including Franchise Recruitment, Finance, Legal and much more.

In addition, by joining as a member, you'll be able to save First Friday events to watch back later, and receive updates on upcoming First Friday events.

Fee Indication

For prospective franchisors, we've also created a new and improved franchise fee calculator.

This will give you an idea of what you can expect to spend in order to adopt a franchise model for your business.

It incorporates factors such as the current size of your business in terms of turnover, staff and the outlets you're already operating.

It only takes a minute, so we'd encourage you to give the Fee Indication calculator a try!


What do you think of the new Franchise Company website? We'd love to hear your thoughts by getting in touch.

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James Dobson

James specialises in helping franchises to be more efficient, streamlined and profitable by developing bespoke websites and applications through his company Outward Digital.

Further, he understands the importance of creating quality branding and effective digital marketing for building successful franchises, and offers this service to clients.

He also developed FranchiseBase, a platform for both new and established franchises to communicate and recruit more effectively.

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