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Electronic Cigarettes Ltd (ECL) is a UK based retailer of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids.
Year Established: 2011 Sector:
  • Retail
  • 40+ Franchisees

Electronic Cigarettes Ltd (ECL) is a UK based retailer of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids that trades under the brand name Ecigwizard. The company manufactures its own e-liquids and had over 50 retail stores when The Franchise Company began working with them.

Having successfully opened 40 of its stores under licensed reseller agreements, ECL came to believe that franchising had the potential to overcome the problems intrinsic in the reseller model and engaged The Franchise Company in the spring of 2014 to advise and help them.

Our remit was to develop a viable and commercially attractive franchise package along with all of the associated documentation, and then to oversee franchise roll out, starting with the conversion of the resellers to the franchise system and then the recruitment of new franchisees throughout the UK.

Development of the Ecigwizard franchise system was successfully completed in September and the Ecigwizard franchise system was launched in October 2014 at the company’s Resellers Annual Conference in Nottingham. The conversion of the resellers began in the same month and ECL now retains us ongoing to advise, help and mentor ECL’s senior management team in the building of the ECL franchise network into what is likely to be Europe’s largest e-cigarette retail chain.

Services Provided

  • Franchise Package Development
  • Creation of Franchise Documentation
  • Recruitment of Franchisees
+44 0333 305 9974