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Software for Franchises

FranchiseBase is a web-based application that helps franchises to connect and grow their franchise network with a range of useful franchise-focused tools.

What does FranchiseBase do?

FranchiseBase was developed in response to our experiences with franchises, both new and well established.

Through our on-going collaboration with franchises, we found that there wasn't a suitable platform available that was truly focused on the needs of franchisors and franchisees.

FranchiseBase offers many features that make life easier for everyone within a franchise network, including:

  • A secure location for all franchise documentation
  • Franchising and Operations manuals made accessible from anywhere and on any device
  • Rich analytics in order for franchisors to see when and how their franchisees are interacting with their documentation
  • A centralised branding resource called 'Brand Bank' to ensure branding is consistent across the network
  • Secure discussion forums to encourage collaboration and communication across franchise networks
  • Notifications and Tasks system for the quick dissemination on information across the network

In addition, Franchise Recruitment tools are industry leading, enabling franchisors to manage their recruitment from all leading franchise portals as well as their own website.

FranchiseBase helps franchises of all sizes to connect and grow their franchise network

Operations Manuals

At the core of FranchiseBase is an easy to use manual system that allows franchises to share, update, search and bookmark your manuals in real-time.

It can be a challenge to make sure your franchise network stays up to date with the latest developments from head office.

The FranchiseBase manuals system provides a simple means of updating and sharing operations and training manuals with the franchise network, as well as giving franchisors full control of which users can access specific documents.

Using the analytics tools built into FranchiseBase, franchisors can see which users have viewed their documents, manuals and files.

All users can search, bookmark and export their manuals with ease too.

Manuals Setup for You

Your large operations manuals can be transferred into the system for you for a small fee.

Access Manuals Anywhere

Your franchise network can access operations and franchising manuals from anywhere

Update your manuals in realtime

Update your manuals on the go and send instant notifications to franchisees to review the changes

Analytics to Track Engagement

Track your franchisees and ensure they've reviewed the latest changes and updates to your manuals

Above all FranchiseBase simplifies the task of managing franchise manuals, so franchisors can keep your network up to date with the latest updates as soon as they happen.

Will a franchise system help my franchise?

For many franchises, it's common to use a range of different systems and services in order to control and manage their network.

The real benefit of a service like FranchiseBase is that it's built specifically for franchises, focusing on the core needs of franchisors to make managing their network on a daily basis easy.

Franchisors by their very nature have to wear many hats, whether it's supporting existing franchisees, managing documentation, training new recruits, overseeing marketing or actively recruiting.

FranchiseBase aims to bring all of these tasks into one single location that's both secure and simple for their network to operate.

It's accessibility on mobile and tablet devices means it's well suited to any kind of franchise, whether office based or mobile such as van-based franchises.

FranchiseBase makes it easy for franchisors to share information with their franchisees

Franchise Recruitment

Recruitment challenges are undoubtedly the biggest barrier to franchise expansion. It's a problem shared by all franchises, small and large - but new franchisors have the biggest challenge in getting their franchise network established.

FranchiseBase offers a solution to the management of your potential franchisee leads, including rich automation tools to handle enquiries coming from a wide range of platforms including franchise directories.

Integrates with Franchise Portals

Import leads automatically from your website and all leading franchise portals

Automatic E-mails & Text Messages

Follow up with leads automatically to save you time and money

Send your brochure automatically

As soon as a lead engages, send them your franchise prospectus

Collaborate with your team

Grant access to your team to manage leads all from one CRM system

Create your recruitment process

Define your own process for recruitment with specific stages and reminders

Keep record of all contacts with leads

Within the easy to use CRM you'll have a record of all information about every lead interested in your franchise

As a result of using FranchiseBase for your recruitment activity, you'll be able to manage leads as they share their interest in your franchise and ensure you capture their attention early, giving you the best chance of growing your business and franchise network.

Software for Franchises FAQs

How much does FranchiseBase cost?

FranchiseBase starts from as little as £30 per month for new franchises.

If you're looking to actively recruit franchisees, its leading recruitment tools cost only an additional £40 per month.

The great thing about FranchiseBase is that costs increase only as your network grows.

What franchises use FranchiseBase?

FranchiseBase is used by well established franchises, and many have had great success with recruiting new franchisees and improving their network connectedness using the platform.

The FranchiseBase website contains a number of Case Studies if you'd like to learn more.

Who is FranchiseBase by?

FranchiseBase was developed by Outward Digital, the digital partner of The Franchise Company.

James Dobson, founder of Outward Digital, has worked with The Franchise Company to provide their clients with specialised franchise websites, software and marketing services for over 10 years.

The Franchise Company helped to define the requirements of FranchiseBase features such as its Operations Manual system using their long-term experience of working with franchises.

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This page was written by:

James Dobson

James specialises in helping franchises to be more efficient, streamlined and profitable by developing bespoke websites and applications through his company Outward Digital.

Further, he understands the importance of creating quality branding and effective digital marketing for building successful franchises, and offers this service to clients.

He also developed FranchiseBase, a platform for both new and established franchises to communicate and recruit more effectively.

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