Franchise Your Business

Why is Franchising So Successful?

  • There are nearly 1,000 franchise systems operating in the UK and the sector is growing rapidly (see NatWest/BFA franchise survey here).
  • Franchising is a very versatile growth strategy and can be adapted to most business models – why not yours?
  • You don’t have to be big to franchise but you do need a successful business model.
  • Every year there thousands of prospective franchisees are looking for good franchise opportunities to invest in.
  • For your franchisees to qualify for bank funding support, your franchise system needs to comply with BFA best practice, and we can help ensure that.
  • It doesn’t cost a fortune to get good advice to franchise your business properly.

Why Work with The Franchise Company?

  • The Franchise Company was established in 1991 and is an affiliate member of the British Franchise Association, working strictly in accordance with their Code of Ethics.
  • We totally understand franchising and will help you develop the best possible franchise system to maximise the opportunity for your business.
  • We don’t just look at the business with the short-term view of selling franchises. We’ll help you develop a franchise system that’s sustainable long-term – operationally, financially and legally.
  • We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that many businesses make when they try to franchise without seeking good advice.
  • We’re a team of professionals with direct operational experience of franchising in many different sectors and markets and we’ve helped hundreds of different businesses to become successful franchises, both within the UK and internationally.
  • We’re approachable, personable and good to work with.
  • We can provide you with loads of references from our clients that are now running successful franchise systems.
  • We can support you through the process of becoming a franchisor member of the British Franchise Association if you wish.
  • We work closely with the banks’ franchise units and will support you through the process of working with them so that your franchisees can get finance to start their businesses (subject of course to status and business plans!)

What you Shouldn’t do as a Would-be Franchisor

  • If you’re thinking of trying to become a franchisor by cutting corners and acquiring a ‘template’ franchise system from a franchise consultant that’s not a BFA affiliate, please DON’T DO IT without talking to us first! We can work with you on a very cost-effective basis to help you develop the best possible franchise system for your business, that will be customised, ethical and commercially viable.

The Franchise Company, DarlingtonTo find out about our bespoke franchise consulting packages call us on call us on 01325 251455 and ask to speak to someone about franchising your business. Or email us at