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Franchise Review

Find out if your business can be franchised

Can your business be franchised?

If you are at the beginning of your franchising journey and want to find out if your business can be franchised and if so, how you should approach the development work to structure the franchise model to maximise your chance of  success in franchising, then book on for a Franchise Business Review. This is carried out with one of our experienced franchise consultants using the approach that we have developed working with hundreds of companies over the past 30 years.

The Franchise Review uses our Franchise Review Diagnostic Tool and looks at all aspects of your business – Financial, Operational, Legal and the Market Opportunity. Using the information gathered at the review meeting we can then give you an answer to the question “Can my business be franchised” and if the answer is yes an initial view of what the franchise model will look like and how to progress further. Franchise reviews can be carried out via zoom or onsite.

A Franchise Review can be carried out via zoom for a fixed fee of £950 + VAT including the consultancy time and advice re the use of the diagnostic tool, the review meeting and a written report re conclusions and recommendations.

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