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Carl Reader: The use of Management Systems in a Franchise Network

An inspiring and informative talk from Carl Reader on the use of Management Systems

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Originally Aired: 10 September 2021 1:00 pm Topics Covered:
  • Management

The Franchise Company First Friday Learning Club is resuming and we are delighted that our guest this month is the amazing Mr. Carl Reader- Chairman of DT Accountancy firm, author of The Franchising Handbook, small business guru and a really good guy!

The hot topic is how to gather and use management information in a franchise network to improve sales and profits for both the Franchisor and Franchisees. It's an area that a lot of franchisors shy away from but if you get it right it can transorm your business and secure your long term success. Carl will be sharing his ideas based upon his many years working in the franchise sector including a couple of case studies as real life examples. 

We finish off with our safe "Ask Anything" Q&A Session in which, you can ask literally anything that is a burning question for you, your Franchise and perhaps for your Franchisees. 

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