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Russell Ford & Alicia West: How to get the best out of mediation

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Originally Aired: 14 June 2024 1:00 pm Topics Covered:
  • Franchise Support
  • Management
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Disputes are a fact of life in business and franchising is no exception. Mediation is being increasingly used by franchisors to resolve disputes and many franchisors now include clauses in their franchise agreements specifying mediation must be used before court proceedings can be issued.   

Using mediation as a form of dispute management is the topic of our next The Franchise Company First Friday event on Friday 14th June 2024 - 1pm to 2pm.    

Our guest, Russell Ford, Partner, IBB Owen White solicitors is an experienced mediator and has recently been involved in the drafting of the British Franchise Associations new policy on dispute resolution.   

All franchise agreements should now contain a clause requiring mediation to be used as the first option for dealing with franchise disputes.   

For franchisors, if you have not already mediated a dispute, you are very likely to do so in the next few years and the approach taken by you and your franchisees to the mediation process will affect its likely outcome of success or failure. 

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